“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own” Bruce Lee

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"The Musa Martial Arts Academy has given me the confidence and skill to know I can walk down the street safe and sound".
Alia Musa

"Our eldest son started Choi Kwang Do when he was 6 years old. Four years later he has achieved black belt under the superb teaching and guidance of Abid Musa and the Musa Martial Arts Academy. Our son has grown tremendously in self confidence and his school teachers regularly comment on the focus he applies to his school work, two key skills which are paramount in the teachings of Choi Kwang Do. Not to mention the physical and self defence skills he has learnt. Since our eldest son started Choi Kwang Do, his younger brother has joined in the fun too, as well as his dad! It has become a great way for the whole family to enjoy a sport together. As parents we have found it invaluable to find a martial arts class where our boys receive such tailor made teaching in classes with focused learning for all abilities. Abid Musa has a way of getting the best out of children in a dynamic and fun atmosphere and we value the fact that they have such a positive role model to work with and aspire to."
Monica Solanki

"Our son Justin has been going to the Musa Martial Arts Academy since he was five years old. Justin is now eight and will testing for Black Belt this summer. Mr Abid Musa and CKD have made a tremendous difference to Justin's focus, concentration and school work. Justin's vastly improved and is now one of the top achievers in his class. Abid Musa is a great teacher and has natural ability to connect with children. We would recommend the classes to any parent."
Colin Giles & Deborah Stewart


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